Efficiency and Performance

The heart of any Genset is the Engine. The Powerol engines in these generators make sure you do not overspend on operational cost due to their high level of efficiency and are one of the most fuel efficient engines in their category. Some unique features of the Mahindra Powerol engines are small footprint, compactness & low vibration making them an extremely popular choice for variety of conditions & different applications.


Quality is the top priority right from production up till commissioning and utmost care is taken while manufacturing & installing a Mahindra Powerol Genset. All solutions from the engine to the alternator are built keeping in mind the highest standards of quality & performance. Years of experience in the manufacturing experience helps us recognize & use only the best quality material suited to the client’s needs in the fabrication process.

Silence Guaranteed

Every Mahindra Genset Product follows[AD1] all the norms stated by the Central Pollution Control Board of India (CPCB) through multiple quality checks. Having been in the acoustic industry for a long time, Escon brings the much needed technical expertise to the acoustic designing process. In addition to this, we have a brilliant consultant in Prof. M.L. Munjal from the Indian Institute of Science to guide us in the designing of super-silent Gensets for specific applications.


A view of Acoustic Installation in pictures