We have been in the manufacturing of acoustic enclosures for more than a decade & a half and have now gained recognition as one of the market leaders in the industry as a result of our ability to maintain excellent quality & durability. Escon manufactures acoustic enclosures for a variety of applications, specifically generator sets. The sound control standards set by the Central Pollution Control Board of India for Generators are one of the strictest in the world with 75 dB(A) being required at a distance of 1m when the generator is set at a load of 75%. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to consistently outdo this regulation having achieved sound levels as low as 55 dB(A) with not one but two 600 kVA generator sets. Professor Munjal from the Indian Institute of Science has been instrumental in making this possible. Our association with him has given way to a great deal of innovations like the first round edged acoustic enclosure in India. We are proud to state that all the design & fabrication process is undertaken in-house with meticulous quality checks at each step in the manufacturing process. We manufacture enclosures for any generator set rating ranging from 10 kVA to 3000 kVA. We also offer enclosures suited to any operating condition & make of engine & are the sole suppliers to Caterpillar India.

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Our Acoustics Enclosures

Drop down Enclosures

Drop Down Enclosures are five-sided, cap-on type self-supporting structures which are assembled on site and then capped on to the DG set. These acoustic enclosures are best suited for site assembly due to their completely modular structure.


Containers are top lifting enclosures and are part of a unit along with a Diesel Generator Set. Their design is based on the core principles of an ISO Shipping container and these enclosures are completely welded. Our containers are hugely popular among generator set manufacturers & genset rental companies owing to their durability & sturdiness.

Integrated Enclosures

Our acoustic enclosures are completely customizable as per individual generator set manufacturer specifications to produce integrated enclosures. Integrated enclosures include fuel tanks, fuel lines, exhaust line connections, genset base frames & silencers etc. Generators are fitted directly into these enclosures by manufacturers & OEMs. These bottom lifting enclosures are most suited to generator set manufacturers.

Our Strength

Turnaround Time

Our quick prototyping facilities enable us to present designs swiftly[AD1] while our streamlined fabrication facility ensures deliveries at the earliest[AD2] . Adhering to committed deadlines is something we take very seriously.


Quality is paramount at Escon and we are extremely proud of the standard we provide. All of our acoustic enclosures are at par with the best in the world.


Escon boasts of cutting edge[AD1] design capabilities & completely in-house state of the art facilities. We specifically focus on ensuring that our enclosures cause no deration of the generator set and the desired sound levels are achieved. We are privileged to be receiving excellent guidance from Professor Munjal for the same.

  • Acoustic Room Treatment

    Escon uses the best sound reduction techniques which involve the installation of multiple generator sets or sets of higher ratings to treat the genset room itself. This is done using wall & ceiling panelling, providing parallel baffles for the inlet & outlet of air and also the general design of the room itself.

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