Escon uses the best sound reduction techniques which involve the installation of multiple generator sets or sets of higher ratings to treat the genset room itself. This is done using wall & ceiling panelling, providing parallel baffles for the inlet & outlet of air and also the general design of the room itself. We do not believe just in adding multiple layers to the room to reduce noise based on our vast experience working in the industry. Our approach is developed taking into consideration the harmful effects multiple layers can have on the engine itself like the additional built up heat which causes derating of the engine. We have developed a technique which balances both heat & sound in our room treatment.

Our Strength


For a number or years, we have been solving complex design problems which many haven’t been able to. We would rather be known as solution providers rather than just service providers. Escon has the ability to provide greater performance than all its competitors when it comes to sound & ventilation. Careful material selection & an efficient approach to design helps us lower production cost without hampering performance.


We use only top quality CNC fabrication machines which helps us maintain precision in all our products. Meticulous design, regular checks & a keen attention to detail helps us match the client’s technical requirements whilst matching the general outlay of the building.


We provide absolute guarantee on the heat & sound levels we will achieve before undertaking any acoustic room treatment project.

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    We have been in the manufacturing of acoustic enclosures for more than a decade & a half and have now gained recognition as one of the market leaders in the industry as a result of our ability to maintain excellent quality & durability. Escon manufactures acoustic enclosures for a variety of applications, specifically generator sets. …

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